Creating your first payment link

Let's get started.

  1. Head to the main dashboard here.
  2. You should see a blue button: Create Payment Link, click it.
  3. After arriving at the Payment Page, you need to start defining what kind of payment link you'd like to create.

Recurring: This means the payment will re-occur on a repeating basis, given the interval you set.
Single: A single payment that does happen more than once per customer.

4. Next you define the name of the payment name, the currency you'd like to receive money in and the price in which to gather.

Payment Link Name - You can decide the name of your payment link, example: Weekly Spanish Lessons
Currency - You can choose which currency you wish to be paid in.
Interval - If the payment is recurring, on what basis it should it recur? Monthly, Yearly, Daily.
Description - More information of what your customer user is paying for.
Sharable URL - This is where you can define the URL link you will be using, example:
Redirect URL after successful payment - When a user has successfully completed a payment, you can specify which URL you'd like to load.
Allow user to specify quantity
- The product you are selling might be able to be purchased in quantities.
Tax Rate - There's an option here to add a tax rate to your payments.

5. Then click the Create link button, if there any no errors, you will then be able to use the link and take payment!