Final Step in CNAME

The final step in setting up a CNAME is to apply it in the TillyPay settings.

Head over to the settings page.
Note: In order to use custom domain, you must have a Pro account.

First Step

Enter your domain, in our case, it's
Once you add the CNAME, it might take up to 24 hours for the databases to sync.

If you're lucky, it might happen in less than 20 minutes.
Better to come back to this settings page in a few hours.

Second Step

Once the databases match, you will see this state:

This means that the CNAME is configured correctly and we will issue the cerificate on our side soon.
To confirm this is what you want you must save these changes.

Final Step

Once you've saved the domain in TillyPay's settings, our system will automatically apply it to your other links.
Links inside your dashboard will show here.
Here's an example: