Namecheap - CNAME Guide

Connecting a Namecheap domain to TillyPay

You need to add a "pay" subdomain to your records:
  • If your website is:
  • You will add to host your TillyPay links.
  1. Head over to & login.
    Find the Domain List on the side bar and click on it.

  2. Find the domain in which you want to have with TillyPay & click Manage.
    In our example, we have

  3. You will be taken to the settings page of this domain.
    Once there, you need to head to the Advanced DNS.

  4. Then head down to the Host Records, click the button "Add New Record"
  5. In the first column, Type, choose CNAME Record

  6. Here's the settings:
    Type: CNAME Record
    Host: pay

  7. Finally, click "Save Changes"